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Harry Peña Ruiz founded Zimmetry Environmental Management Corp. in January 2002 soon after he conclude working as a consultant for one of the Industrial Hygiene firms working at the World Trade Center Site after the collapse of the towers in 2001.

Vista de los edificios

Due to his experience in sampling for air contaminants in demolitions, such as asbestos, lead, particulates and silica, he was invited to participate in the World Trade Center environmental emergency response after the terrorist attacks of 2001. Additionally, he provided trainings and assisted in the evaluation of suspected anthrax threats. Mr. Peña formerly worked as Operations Manager for a local environmental firm from 1995 to 2001.

Mr. Peña holds a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Planning from the Metropolitan University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Currently, Mr. Peña also teaches at the Atlantic OSHA Training Center and is a faculty member of the School of Environmental Affairs of the UMET Environmental Management Master’s Degree Program. Since 2005 Mr. Peña is an approved instructor for the ASTM Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Training Courses. He is an EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board accredited Lead-based Paint Inspector & Risk Assessor; EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board accredited Asbestos Inspector; Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI) and Certified Mold Specialist (CMS) by the Environmental Assessment Association; in addition he has been certified as Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association; and as Mold Remediation Specialist (MRS) and Water Restoration Specialist (WRS) by the International Restoration Institute, among numerous others certifications.

Mr. Peña is a member of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ); member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA); and member of the US Green Building Council’s Puerto Rico Chapter.

Given his vast experience and professional background, Mr. Peña has served as a plaintiff and defense expert witness in legal cases related to industrial hygiene and mold.

In 2011, Mr. Peña was selected as one of the Ana G. Méndez University System’s Distinguish Ex-alumni for his professional achievements and community services.


Onell González, PhD(c), CIEC, LEED AP O+M



Onell González-Martínez holds a MSc Magna Cum Laude in Green Building & Sustainable Development of the San Francisco Institute of Architecture in California, US, where it is currently a PhD candidate; and a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras; he also took graduated courses in Environmental Planning at the Graduated School of Planning of the UPR. Mr. González possesses the USGBC;s LEED AP O+M credential; he is an EPA/PREQB accredited Lead-based Paint Inspector; EPA/PREQB accredited Asbestos Inspector; Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant; and Certified Mold Assessor. He also receives numerous hours of continuing education in HVAC, Green Building, Indoor Environmental Quality, Building Science, Mycology and Industrial Hygieneon a regular basis.

Mr. González has managed hundreds of environmental and occupational exposure assessments, at a wide range of buildings and industry types, for the government, the Navy, the Army, leading architecture and engineering firms, federal agencies, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, commercial and private building owners, and others. He is responsible for oversee and conduct all Industrial Hygiene & Indoor Air Quality projects, as well as support and sometimes oversee other Environmental Building Assessments. His responsibilities include but are not limited to: indoor air quality consulting and sampling for Green Building projects using USGBCs LEED Rating System, IAQ & industrial hygiene investigation and monitoring, mold assessment, sick building assessment, lead based paint inspection, and asbestos containing building materials inspection including recurrent AHERA Regulatory Re-inspection & Audit for Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Plans. Mr. González has also offered awareness-level asbestos training as part of the AHERA regulations compliance requirements.

Mr. González collaborated as a GBCI;s Education Provider and Course Submitter on behalf of the USGBC- Caribbean Chapter, served as Chair of the Education Committee and as LEED v4 Point of Contact for the Chapter, and participated in the LEED 2012 (LEED v4) Regionalization Task Force. In addition, he is a member of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) and member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). As a Green Building educational speaker, he has created and offered multiple green building lectures, and has been the first local speaker to offer LEED 2009 & LEED v4 Green Associate & Credential Study Courses at professional associations and higher education institutions in PR. He has facilitated instructor-led workshops of the USGBC’s Education Curriculum and was admitted as a USGBC Faculty member in 2013. Mr. González was also accepted as lecturer at the Professional Studies and Continuing Education Division of the University of PR in Rio Piedras to offer the LEED Green Associate & Credential Study Course. In addition, he has been retained since 2018 by the LEORON Professional Development Institute, with offices in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Europe and Central Asia, to offer the said LEED study course in the Middle East & North African countries as one the institute’s expert international trainers.

Ramón Rosado Izquierdo



Mr. Rosado has Over 30 years of vast experience in the environmental field of the petroleum industry and more than twenty years in the building-related environmental field. He is an EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board accredited asbestos inspector; management planner and abatement supervisor; and is also trained in hazardous materials management.


At Zimmetry, his responsibility includes direction of field activities, consultation on hazardous materials management, and the review of reports. Before joining Zimmetry, Mr. Rosado worked at Caribbean Petroleum refinery in Cataño, PR as supervisor, and at an environmental consulting firm.

Miguel A. Peña



Miguel Peña is a Licensed Professional Draftsman with over 30 years of experience in a profuse variety of building typologies and systems. Mr. Peña is in charge of all project’s CAD drawings including as-built, environmental assessment finding locations, moisture mapping drawings, contamination extent drawings and other related tasks. Additionally, he is an EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board Accredited Asbestos Inspector.

Isamar Rivera, BSc



Mrs. Rivera possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Sciences with a major in Biology from the Turabo University in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. She is currently pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Environmental Management with a major in Environmental Assessment and Risk Management from the Ana G. Méndez University in Cupey, Puerto Rico. She is also an EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board Accredited Lead- based Paint Inspector and an EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board Accredited Asbestos Inspector. Mrs. Rivera’s professional responsibilities includes, but not limited to: conducting and overseeing environmental surveys and developing corresponding reports along related technical and consulting services regarding asbestos containing materials and lead based paint investigations. Mrs. Rivera also supports field work in industrial hygiene assessments for indoor air quality & mold. 

Dilia Rosado, MS



Mrs. Rosado possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Art Degree in Engineering Management from the Polytechnic University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mrs. Rosado is currently in her “Engineer in Training” pathway, pursuing her professional title as Environmental Engineer. She is an EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board Accredited Lead-based Paint Inspector and an EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board Accredited Asbestos Inspector. She has also received OSHA’s General Industry 30-hours training.

Mrs. Rosado’s main duties are focused in maintaining office services by organizing office operations and procedures; preparing payroll; controlling correspondence; designing filing systems; reviewing and approving supply requisitions; and assigning and monitoring clerical functions. She is responsible for overseeing and leading work teams mostly while developing office tasks pertaining to ongoing projects. Mrs. Rosado is also partially responsible for planning and maintaining work systems, procedures, and policies that enable and encourage the optimum performance of work staff and other resources within Zimmetry’s business unit.

Additional professional responsibilities include, but are not limited to: assist in conducting environmental surveys and developing corresponding reports along technical services regarding asbestos containing building materials and lead-based paint investigations. Mrs. Rosado also supports field work related to industrial hygiene assessments for indoor air quality & mold, in addition to ASTM E 1527-13 standard Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments.

Alicia García, MSc



Alicia García Justiniano possesses a BSc Cum Laude in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus, and an MSc degree in Biology from the same university. She has developed a strong and diverse academicals background in mycology topics including Medical Mycology, Economics Mycology and Industrial Mycology, and has collaborated in various investigations including research of Fungal Infections at the Mayaguez Medical Center with a public health (biostatistics) scope. In addition, Mrs. García is an EPA/PR Environmental Quality Board Accredited Asbestos Inspector and receives numerous hours of continuing education and professional development in HVAC, Indoor Environmental Quality, Building Sciences, and Industrial Hygiene on a regular basis. She is also a current member of the Golden Key Honor Society.

Mrs. García worked as a Medical Mycology Laboratory Instructor at the Biology Department of the  University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez (UPRM), were she taught laboratory techniques such as identification of common fungi, tease mounts and slide cultures, and has been a research mentor of a vast number of undergraduate students at the UPRM. She was also a program’s assistant preparing, organizing and presenting educational material for high school biology teachers at The Alliance for the Strengthen of Mathematics and Science Partnership (AFAMaC), a collaborative partnership between UPRM, the PR Department of Education and schools from districts in the western part of PR.


Mrs. Garcia currently works as an industrial hygiene technician and biologist. Her professional responsibilities include, but are not limited to: assist in conducting environmental and industrial hygiene surveys including indoor air quality sampling for Green Building projects using USGBC & LEED Rating System, IAQ & industrial hygiene investigation and monitoring, mold assessment, sick building assessment, lead based paint inspection, and asbestos containing building materials inspection. Mrs. García also assists in developing correspondent reports for the said environmental and industrial hygiene assessments. 

Milagros Caraballo, BSc



Mrs. Caraballo possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences with a major in Environmental Technology from the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. She is currently pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Environmental Management with a major in Environmental Assessment and Risk Management from the Ana G. Méndez University in Cupey, Puerto Rico. She has received OSHA’s General Industry 10-hours and 30-hours trainings, and OSHA’s Hazwoper 40-hours training.

Mrs. Caraballo is an EPA / PR Environmental Quality Board accredited asbestos inspector and an experienced Potable Water Treatment Plant Licensed Operator IV with numerous hours of related professional development training in potable water management topics.

Mrs. Caraballo’s professional responsibilities includes, but are not limited to: conducting environmental surveys and developing corresponding reports along technical services regarding asbestos containing building materials and lead-based paint investigations. Mrs. Caraballo also supports industrial hygiene assessments for indoor air quality, mold & moisture, occupational exposure, sick buildings, and others.





He is an engineer and a Board-Certified Industrial Hygienist with a wealth of experience in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). Armando Chamorro focuses his practice on the evaluation of environmental conditions affecting commercial and industrial properties, with emphasis on local, state and federal environmental compliance requirements. Management of CIH Environmental Inc., Florida office operations, including proactive IEQ surveys investigations or diagnostics division, construction related environmental projects and IEQ research division.

Mr. Chamorro has work on specific Indoor Environmental Quality projects with national repercussion such as the design of monitoring strategies for in vitro Fertilization Clinics. Assist design engineers and consultants on material off-gassing properties and selection of “low toxicity products”. Assist HVAC engineering consultants for design verification in accordance with existing and proposed ASHRAE standards for commercial buildings, animal research laboratories and specific medical facilities. Mr. Chamorro is one of the authors of the 2000 New York City Department of Health (NYCDOH) Mold Assessment and Control Guidelines.




He earned a BS degree in Geology from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus and is a Register Environmental Professional. Mr. Morales has over 20 years of experience in technical, coordination and management of environmental issues and environmental assessment projects. He is President of Test Environmental, a well-known environmental firm specialized in consulting and service in environmental projects such as: Assessments, sampling, geo-drilling, compliance plans, and others. Prior to founding Test Environmental he worked for the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board as environmental technician and inspector, and for Chevron Corporation where he supervised and coordinated different projects assignments and evaluation of field activities to determine the necessity of remedial action plans and operation of recovery systems.

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