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Green Buildings

Does your building need Indoor Air Quality compliance requirements for a LEED Certification?


In order to comply with EQ Credit: Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan of the LEED Rating System, an Indoor Air Quality Management Plan must be developed and implemented for the construction and pre-occupancy phases of the building.

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This plan consists of:


  •  Applying IAQ control measures for occupied buildings under construction.

  • Protecting stored on-site and installed absorptive materials from moisture damage.

  • Operate permanently installed air handling equipment during construction only under specific guidelines.

  • Using filtration media with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 8.

  • Following guidelines to prohibit smoking during construction.


We know your project requires this compliance and your priority will be ours.  


Likewise, in order to earn the EQ Credit: Indoor Air Quality Assessment of the LEED Rating System, an IAQ protocol must be developed and implemented after all finishes have been installed and the areas have been completely cleaned, before the building is occupied.


An option for compliance with this credit is to conduct air testing which consists of:


  • Conducting a baseline Indoor Air Quality test after construction ends and prior to occupancy under ventilation conditions typical for occupancy following acceptable methods.

  • Testing mandatory specific contaminants such as particulate matter and inorganic gases.

  • Demonstrate that specific contaminants' maximum concentration levels are not exceeded.


At Zimmetry we help you achieve seamless compliance with these requirements by:


  •  Working with a LEED Accredited Professional & International LEED trainer.

  • Using laboratories accredited by the American Industrial Hygienist Association.

  • Referencing, when applicable, the latest ASHRAE 52.2 standard version.

  • Referencing the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Contractors Association (SMACNA) IAQ Guidelines For Occupied Buildings Under Construction.

  • Using protocols consistent with the EPA Compendium of Methods for the Determination of Air Pollutants in Indoor Air or International Standard Organization.

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